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All your snippets are on your computer locally. You can change the folder where your snippets will be stored or open and import existing snippets. To go to Storage settings, select "massCode" > "Preferences" from the menu bar, then go to Storage.


Follow these steps:

  • Click on the Open storage button.
  • Select the folder containing the file db.json.


  • Click on the Move storage button.
  • Select the folder where the db.json file will be moved.


From massCode v1.0

To migrate from massCode v1.0 select the folder containing the files masscode.db, snippets.db, tags.db.

From SnippetsLab

Before you migrate, you must export the snippets library from SnippetsLab. Select "Library" > "Export..." from the menu bar, then select "JSON Document" in Format section.

To migrate from SnippetsLab select JSON file.

Some Limitations

  • All folders will be first level as JSON file (below v2.1) does not represent nested folders.
  • Snippets with unsupported languages will be set to default Plain Text.

massCode released under the AGPL v3 License.
Snippet collection released under the CC-BY-4.0 License.