# Snippets

A snippet is a piece of code that you want to save for later use.

# Adding a Snippet

Follow one of the following steps:

  • Select "File " > "New Snippet " from the menu bar.
  • Click "+" button opposite the search in second column.
  • Press Cmd+N on macOS or Ctrl+N on Windows or Linux.

The snippet is created in the folder that is currently selected.

# Language Selection

In the bottom right corner of the editor press the current snippet language, by default it is "Plain text", then select the language you need from the drop-down list.

# Moving Snippet

Drag and drop the snippet to the desired folder.

# Deleting Snippet

Call the context menu by right-clicking on the snippet and selecting "Delete ".

The snippet will be moved to "Trash ". Later you can return the snippet back by dragging it back to the desired folder.

# Copying Snippet

Follow one of the following steps:

  • Click button on the top right corner of the editor.
  • Press Shift+Cmd+C on macOS or Shift+Ctrl+C on Windows or Linux.

# Formatting Snippet

Snippet formatting makes the snippet code formatted.

Follow one of the following steps:

  • Select "Editor" > "Format" from the menu bar.
  • Press Shift+Cmd+F on macOS or Shift+Ctrl+F on Windows or Linux.

Not all languages can be formatted at this time.